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Ketolicious Logo | Amman | Jordan

A concept born from the belief that you dont have to sacrifice enjoyment to be able to treat your body well.

Who We Are | Ketolicious | Amman

Where it all Started

Our story started in the early 2018 when we started following the Ketogenic diet. Our passion for cooking and experimentation in the kitchen allowed our newly found Keto lifestyle. Through this journey, we realized that there is a huge gap in the Jordanian market for Keto friendly food and products and decided to purse the opportunity. In April of the same year, Ketolicious came to life to provide tasty Keto friendly foods, including keto alternative for recipe inredients. We made a commitment to provide an easy, low sacrifice, delicious and high-quality options for our ever-growing Keto community.

Our Guiding Principles


Unlike most food companies, we focus on personalized diet nutritional needs; all our products have calculated nutritional content


Our foods are designed to fit a busy lifestyle and can be easily stored frozen and quickly reheated.


Tala's inspired recipes use only the highest quality with continous testing and recipe improvement Nothing on our menu doesn't taste good.


Our menu offers a wide selection of savory items, pizzas, manakeesh, breads, sandwiches, salads, frozen goods as well as desserts to curb any carb crave!


Our menu ranges both in taste profile and price. Even through our products incorporate higher ingredients, we believe that no one should be priced out of eating well and strive to make our products more affordable.

Our Food is For

Celiac Patient
healthy individuals
Ketogenic Diet
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