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The 4 Big Mistakes When on Keto

We want to share with you the top 4 mistakes people do when doing keto. If you hit a plateau in your weight-loss journey or you are just starting the keto diet, avoiding these mistakes will make your transition into ketosis a success.

Not Consuming Enough Protein

Not consuming enough protein tells the brain that you need to keep eating. Also, Protein has amino acids which are very important to your over all health. Aim to consume at least 50 - 70 grams of quality protein daily. If you work out this number may need to be increased.


Consuming Too Much Fat

Eating more fat does not get you deeper into ketosis, lowering your carbs does. Do not consume extra fat unless you are new to keto (less than 2 weeks). Try to consume a large amount of your fat intake from red meat, as it has an excellent combination of fat & protein. Nuts also can set you back, try to limit them as much as you can. They are loaded with fat and are calorie condensed.


Consuming Keto Snacks

Eating frequently causes insulin to increase which is a state you should avoid, especially if are not a beginner. Avoid snacks, even keto snacks.  However, if you are just starting with keto, snacks are important in the transition period to ketosis, first 1 to 2 weeks maximum.  


Consuming Hidden Carbs

Be sure to look for hidden carbs, especially sugar, in the food you buy. Read the nutrition facts label and make sure the food you want to eat has no sugar. Net Carbs, which is Total Carbohydrates minus Fiber, should be less than 10 grams.

Stepping Into Ketosis

The good news is, after you step into ketosis, your craving will literally disappear and you will start reaping the many health benefits of ketosis. Find out how to overcome some of the ketogenic diet side effects over here

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