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Health Benefits of Almond Flour


What Is Almond Flour?

Almond flour is basically the result of grinding almonds. The process involves removing the brown skin by soaking almond seeds in boiling water then finely grinding them. 

At Ketolicious we make our own Almond flour to make sure nothing is mixed with it other than pure , fresh  & high quality Almonds.

Ketolicious Almond Flour Health Benefits
Ketolicious Gluten Free Almond Flour

It's Gluten-Free

Gluten is the protein part of wheat & other grains which some bodies cannot tolerate. Gluten can cause bloating, diarrhea, or crampy abdominal pain (1). Almond flour is gluten-free.  At Ketolicious we use Almond flour instead of wheat flour to make keto bread, keto pizza, keto savories & keto desserts.  All our food items are gluten-free. 

It Doesn't Increase Blood Sugar

How do we know? Almond flour has a Glycemic index of 1. Glycemic index is a rating system used to measure how quickly a food can raise blood sugar levels. The lower the number, the lower the food affects blood sugar. Wheat flour however, has a Glycemic index of 71, making it off the chart!

Ketolicious Almong Flour Benefits
Ketolicious Almond Flour Insulin function

It Improves Insulin function

Since almond flour does not affect your blood sugar level, it helps improves insulin function in the body.

Nuts in general greatly benefit insulin resistance, check out this published study (2) on the benefits of nuts on insulin resistance. 

It Has Excellent Macronutrients Profile

Almond flour has an excellent combination of macronutrients. In a 100-gram serving, Almond flour has: 50g fat, 8.6 net carbs, 10.8g protein (3). Making it low in carbs, high in healthy fat, & moderate in protein. 

When it comes to fibers, it has a whopping 10.85g, which is 5 times more fibers than wheat flour (2g) in a 100-gram serving. 

Almond Flour Macronutrients - 3.jpg
Ketolicious Almong Flour Minerals

With Essential Minerals

Another area where almond flour beats wheat flour is the minerals profile. Minerals are essentials for a healthy function of the body. 

Almond flour is loaded with 728mg Potassium, 263mg Magnesium, and 246mg Calcium.(3)

It is also rich in some trace minerals like Manganese (1.95mg) & Copper (1mg). Trace minerals are minerals that the body needs in small amounts, hence the name "trace". 

Ketolicious Almond Flour Rich in Vitamin E

It Has Vitamin E

 100 grams of Almond flour has 24 mg of Vitamin E while wheat flour has only 1 mg which drives the scale in Almond flours' favor for this amazing vitamin (3).  

Vitamin E is a fat-soluble vitamin that plays an important role in our vision. reproduction, our blood, and skin. It also has antioxidants properties which can fight free radicals in the body (4)

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