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Helping You Deeper Into Ketosis For a Healthier Life



Almond Flour Baking

Baking without carbs, you might ask? We bake using almond flour instead of wheat flour. Almond is incredibly nutritious with many health benefits. You will never tell the difference. It is soft, fluffy in the middle, and has a lovely tender crumb.  


All our dishes are gluten free, sugar free, low carbs, non-GMO, and no-preservatives, which will complement your low-carb lifestyle effortlessly. To guarantee quality food, we always choose best quality ingredients. We even make our own almond flour by grinding raw almonds!


Keto Friendly food are food that fits perfectly with any type of low-carb diet. All our food is keto-friendly. See the health benefits of a Ketogenic diet here.

Rich Food Menu for Health | Ketolicious | Amman

Rich Menu To Complement Your Healthy Lifestyle

Delicious food, variety, and keto-friendly. The type of food you need to take control of your health.

Desserts Without Sugar! 
Indulge Guilt Free!

Dessert Without Sugar Keto Dessert | Ketolicious | Amman
Keto & Low Carbs & Gluten Free Sandwiches

Read What our Customers Say

Stay like you are,, because you are the best

Shuhub B.

Love ur food. u made keto very easy to follow. thank u sooo much

Mohammad M.

Always looking forward to try your new items🔥 you guys are amazing

Alaa D.

We started our business in 2018 with one goal in mind:

Make the ketogenic lifestyle accessible, enjoyable and convenient to all people.

Our menu is designed by Keto people, for Keto people to help you achieve ketogenic lifestyle while enjoying good food!

It is delicious, nutritious and most importantly, SATISFYING!

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At Ketolicious we believe in sharing important health news, science and studies, great keto recipes, products we love, and profiles of people that inspire us.

Our aim is to help you take control of your health, like we did. let us help in putting you on the right track.

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