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Keto Side Effects & How to Overcome Them​​

If you have recently started a keto diet and are experiencing weakness, fatigue, or dizziness , don’t be surprised or overly concerned. You are likely experiencing some of the common (but not fun) side effects that come with transitioning from a carb (glucose)-based diet to a ketone (fat)-based diet. The good news is that these symptoms for new keto dieters are temporary. Also, there are things you can do to help them go away while your body settles into the ketogenic lifestyle. The following are the most common side effects on a keto diet and how to overcome them.


You need to increase your Sodium level. Increase your salt. Drink salt water. Mix 1/4 spoon of quality salt in water. If you want to know more about the importance of salt on a keto diet click  here.

Muscle Cramps

You need more magnesium. 

Leafy greens, nuts, avocados, salmon are rich sources. 


Increase your Fat intake


You are consuming too much meat or cheese. You need to reduce them or replace them with some fish and  increase vegetables intake

Bad Breath

Decrease your protein intake.


You need vitamins B1 & B5. B Vitamins are water soluble vitamins, which means our body do not store them. So when on keto your body loses a lot of water, know why over here. Sunflower seeds and nutritional yeast are excellent sources.

Feeling Cold

You need iodine. Tuna, seaweed, eggs, and organ meat are good sources. 


This is can be associated with B vitamins. Try increasing your B vitamins. Sunflower seeds and nutritional yeast, brewers yeast can help a lot with that. 

Low Back or Abdominal Pain

Increase potassium and have lemon water. (squeeze half a lemon or full lemon into a big glass of water)

Anxiety & Disturbance

Increase B complex Vitamins. Nutritional yeast and sunflower seeds. 


You need to increase potassium.

High potassium foods include: Avocados, mushroom. pumpkin seeds, salmon, leafy greens, nuts (especially almonds) in small quantities.  


Dizziness can be linked to many things, but if you are starting keto and you feel dizzy that means you need more sodium (salt). Click here to know why.


Decrease fat and have apple cider vinegar. Mix one table spoon of apple cider vinegar in big glass of water. 

Right Shoulder Pain or Right Side Headache

You are consuming too much fat or too many nuts and putting a pressure on your gallbladder. Decrease your fat intake or nuts. If you have your gallbladder removed you need to take bile salt.  

In order to help you out with nutritious food on the go, we can show you  7 healthy and fast Snacks to have on a keto diet.  

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